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Angus Crichton


Angus is a professional rugby league footballer for the Sydney Roosters in the NRL. Angus spent the first three seasons of his professional footy career at the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Angus was a boarder at The Scots College, having grown up on a farm in country NSW. Angus was known at school for two things: His talent as a rugby player and also for the energy and commitment he put into the Indigenous program, especially with a group from remote Arnhem Land, NT.

His support and friendship with the boys provided a great example to other students and this helped the development of a very successful Indigenous Program for the school.

Angus’ ongoing commitment to the advancement of Indigenous peoples has since lead to the establishment of First People’s Project. A charity that is the very personal to him and champions Indigenous advancement issues he sees as important and under supported.

Jonny Samengo


Jonny has spent most of the last decade helping Indigenous young men gain a top-class education through his leadership of the Indigenous Education Program at The Scots College. In this time, Jonny grew the program from a fledgling concept to arguably the most respected program of its kind in Australia. He was responsible for raising over eight million dollars from private and institutional donors and helping educate over 40 young Indigenous men from around Australia including boys from urban, regional and remote communities. Under Jonny’s leadership, the program became known for its pioneering drive to open the school up to boys from remote communities in the NT and Torres Strait.

Jonny has always recognised the need for the development and encouragement of enterprise in remote communities. He has a reputation of making things happen, and is known for his passion in helping young Indigenous people and building a community of committed supporters and volunteers. As a director of First People Project, Jonny has an exciting pathway in continuing to help Indigenous people beyond youth into adulthood.

Dave Rawlings


Dave has a great passion for inclusion and the betterment of young people. He has championed effective initiatives such as the National Australia Bank Emerging Youth Leader (Diversity) Project, worked with SWYPE Mission Australia on social inclusion and enterprise initiatives and coordinated the delivery of Indigenous sport programs in conjunction with both the Federal and State Government.

Dave is recognised as an aligned partner with the NSW Council for Pacific Communities and has invested significantly in the mentoring of young people of Indigenous and Pacifica cultures.

As the founder of RSM, Dave has developed strong networks in the sport and media industries through his company’s work in the area of sports management and agency. Dave’s expertise lies in the design and delivery of strategy and implementation plans in addition to his success in multiple levels of entrepreneurship. His core principles around inclusivity, diversity and equity will help underpin and drive the outcomes of the First People Project.